HAWTHORNE VALLEY FARM•POOR DEVIL PEPPER CO• At Farm Ferments we use 100% organic ingredients to craft our raw, probiotic fermented foods. Farm Ferments is a fermentation facility in the Hudson Valley that produces and packages the Hawthorne Valley ferments and Poor Devil Pepper Co. fermented hot sauces. We believe the best food is made with care using the best ingredients through traditional fermenting processes developed over the ages. Wild fermentation allows the naturally occurring bacteria in vegetables to create nutrient rich ferments. We are fascinated by this ancient technique and are always looking to create new and innovative ways to apply it to our modern diet. You'll never find additives, preservatives, vinegars, or fermentation starters in any of our products. We produce a wide range of fermented foods including hot sauce, sauerkraut, kimchi and other innovative recipes of fermented vegetables. We source more than 95% of our cabbage and peppers from local farms within 50 miles of our facility. Fermentation lives here.

Hawthorne Valley Daily Fix Probiotic

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  • Mixed sauerkraut juices.