Easy alternative to neti pots and rinsing bottles!
The comfortable and easy method to rinse your nose with saline solution.
Unique delivery system:
* Allows user to control the flow and pressure for optimum comfort and effectiveness.
* Protects against backflow if user slows down or stops
* Easy to clean to prevent bacterial build-up.
Patented silicone tip:
* Designed to produce a gentle and effective swirl when the saline solution enters nose.
* Manufactured using medical grade silicone without any harmful plastic components.
Also recommended for:
* Follow-up to sinus and nose surgery.
* Prevention of sinus related infections.
The Nasaline product is free of harmful plastic components and latex.
Developed by Swedish ENT specialists.
Store in dry place.
Saline packets and packaging made in USA.
Assembled in the USA from imported parts.


-Nasal rinser
-Storage/travel case
-10 pre-measured saline packets
-Instructions (Eng/Esp)
Saline Packet Ingredients
Sodium Chloride (USP 2400 mg)
Sodium Bicarbonate (USP 400 mg)

Nasaline Nasal Rinsing System

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