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Shinefest 2024 Vendor App

Space size: 12 X 12.

Spaces are assigned to paid vendors on June 1st.

FEES: All spaces are a $60 non-refundable contribution.


• No vendor will be allowed items that are considered weapons, unsafe, or destructive.

• Need to contact us before event for approval on generators.

• Setup is between 9:00am-11:00am ONLY. Please do not arrive before 8:00am.

• Break down starts at 8:00pm.

• There will be a separate vendor entrance off of Route 17k. 

• YOU are responsible for complete removal of all trash related to your space. Do not use the public cans for your trash.

• Vendors are not allowed to solicit anywhere other than from their allotted space.



• If selling cooked food it must be cooked on-site only. It is a health code violation to cook food offsite and bring to site. Pre-wrapped goods (cookies, candies, jams, and sauces) are allowed.

• You must obtain a certificate from the board of health prior to the event. All certificates must be presented on the day of the festival. Contact Orange County Board of Health at (845) 291-2331 for proper food preparation and permits.


• An email will be sent with payment information once the application is accepted.

• Payment is due by May 1st.


Liability Waiver: We/I agree that by submitting this form, we/I are releasing te organizers of this event from liability. We/I agree to hold harmless the organizers of this event and its volunteers or assigns from any loss which may occur in connection with or as a result of this event.

Vendor Registration 2024

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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